Specialty Software for Engineering Design and Manufacture

Company Objective

Sierra Vista Technology, LLC is dedicated to building specialty software for use in designing engineering products and developing manufacturing processes. A software product can be economically constructed  to solve a unique design problem or to design a manufacturing process. The software can then be effectively maintained and modified. Tailored nonlinear solution algorithms, special material models and boundary conditions can be programmed to satisfy customer requirements. Examples of specialty products include metal heat treatment, welding, forging, glass to metal seals, and solder fatigue.

Company Capability

Many products and manufacturing processes are now designed with large general purpose finite element programs. Often these programs do not have the specific capabilities needed to effectively solve the problem and large software companies cannot respond in a timely manor to add flexibility to their product.  Also, many large commercial products rely on one nonlinear solution algorithm which may not be the best choice for a particular application. Adding customization to such general purpose programs is expensive, a slow process and difficult to maintain.

Sierra Vista Technology, LLC constructs software with greater quality at a lower license cost with a coupled mechanics object oriented mechanics library. The program is capable of solving the unique  problem with less computer resources than a general purpose code. A graphical user interface can easily be modified to support a new product and faster solutions are available with the use of parallel processing.

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